Hey, there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Meg, and I’m an aspiring writer.

This blog will be an experiment in bravery as I try to build up the courage to share my writing and my personal journey toward becoming the woman I always hoped to be. Sometimes it will be uplifting and optimistic, sometimes it will be melancholy and introspective, but it will always be brutally honest about my life, my faith, and the daily challenges I face as a human being.

Because, in my experience, people often forget to be honest–especially with themselves.

A little about me:

In the tradition of tragic artists, I’ve had my heart broken into devastatingly tiny pieces, I’ve traveled the world, been deathly ill, and experienced dangers a girl from a tiny country town would typically never see. In 2011 I enrolled in college to earn a B.A. in English, was diagnosed with depression, severe anxiety and PTSD in 2012, and now I’m working through grad school to earn a MFA in Creative Writing with a certification in online teaching.

Writing is my comfort, stories and books are my safe place, and I want to help others find their voice and the confidence to use it. No matter how you choose to express yourself, if it comforts you, if it brings you joy or relief to write it, play it, sing it, draw it, paint it, or whatever your creative little mind has thought of… then that is prize winning stuff and your foot print in the world.

I want to use my writing, and my passion for storytelling as a way of helping people see that you can overcome anything and everything. You are strong even when you feel weak. You are loved even when you can’t love yourself. It’s going to be okay.

Shoot me a message, toss me a prompt and let me write you a story. Follow me on twitter! Let’s be friends. 🙂

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